Menopause Yoga™ & Wellbeing Workshop

Menopause Yoga™ & Wellbeing Workshop



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Sunday 21 April

10am - 1pm

Join this special workshop at Yoga For Harmony in Windsor to explore menopause and how to manage symptoms using a holistic approach.  

This month we'll be focusing on Brain Health, taking a deep dive into poor concentration in menopause, why brain fog happens and what we can do to beat it!

This event is open to all experiencing or preparing for perimenopause, or in the menopause.

Workshop includes:

  • Group Circle welcome, introduction and discussion
  • We'll take a deep dive into why brain health in menopause is so important and what we can do to sharpen our clarity
  • 60 minute Menopause Yoga™ class that includes some yoga movement and breathwork designed to help with brain fog (yoga beginners are welcome)
  • Closing Circle
  • Gift bag

Please be aware that event bookings are non refundable.

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