Yoga For My Soul - Yin Yoga Class

Yoga For My Soul - Yin Yoga Class


Sundays at 5.30 pm

Yoga For Harmony, 143a Arthur Road, Windsor SL4 1RU

Come to the ground for a Sunday night restorative Yin session

Join us for a combination of Yin postures, breathing (pranayama) and meditation to strengthen and restore the body and mind. Together we will move through a series of asanas targeting specific areas of the body, working with the meridians and holding each position for longer to allow you to get deeply into the connective tissue, release tension and find openness. An opportunity to wind down, breathe and leave feeling completely relaxed.

Benefits for the body...

In Yin Yoga we relax into each posture, allowing the body to soften and release. Accessing the deeper tissues of the body, including connective tissue and fascia, and building strength and flexibility into areas such as the hips, sacrum and spine.

...and the mind

Each asana helps us to find stillness - engaging the quiet, gentleness of the parasympathetic nervous system and creating a mindful meditation. As Paul Grilley, one of the founding fathers if Yin Yoga says "...allowing you to hear the subtle sounds of the inner world".

This class is suitable for all levels.

Relax ~ Soften ~ Expand 

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